One Ride is all it takes

Story by: Santhosh Bs

Riding and exploring is a hidden happiness and it takes just a spark to ignite the fire and realize your true passion. I love to explore and meet people who are equally passionate. Travelling to places and exploring the local culture and making new friends has always motivated me to ride more. And all this was possible only because of my Royal Enfield motorcycle. Growing up with a dream to own the iconic bike was realized in 2011 and the first ride made me realize that riding is not just a word but is an emotion that grows from inside. Riding gave me wings of freedom. I was able to communicate easily with a lot of people when I was on the road. Sometimes even a thumbs up sign shown from a fellow rider had a deep meaning. On a motorcycle, it's just your little head inside that helmet. You are in control of you, totally and completely. The freedom you gain from riding a motorcycle helps you appreciate the things in your life because you'll know you are free to be a part of them—not obligated. The people and things you care about are things you've chosen to care about.

Part of being cool as a rider comes when I stop worrying about embarrassing things like helmet hair or walking into restaurants wearing thick riding jackets. I don't get upset when it's hot or cold or raining or windy. Riding my bike serves as a meditation that clears your mind of the unnecessary. On my bike I find mindfulness and inner peace, some of which will stay with me off the bike too.

Why I Ride Stories

We ride to set ourselves free, leave our worries behind, set out on new explorations, meet new friends, or simply for the fun of it. What's your reason to ride?